Can We Call the GOP an Absolute Train Wreck Yet?

Some theories over “what the fuck is going on” right now claim that the GOP wants to railroad (sorry for the train metaphors, I’m off the tracks right now) a bunch of hairy legislation through while Trump holds the White House, impeach him, and then claim it was his fault not theirs.

This doesn’t appear to be going to plan.

It isn’t so much that the legislation is bad, it’s just that Ryan can’t get his fellow Republicans “all aboard” the plan.

Which means one of two things – assuming the “stick it with Trump” idea was the plan all along, if Ryan “sticks with sticking it with Trump”, then the House won’t impeach Trump for a long time – long enough to actually get the votes together to pass their bill.

Or, they abandon it and impeach Trump early, which means they don’t get to reform Obamacare.



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