“What’s Wrong with Enforcing our Laws?” Regarding Immigration

The common argument I hear on why it’s okay to bolster our ICE manpower and be tougher on illegal immigrants is that what they’re doing is illegal, and thus, it’d be enabling criminal behavior to not enforce our laws.

After all, you don’t want to be soft on crime. It’s not racist to go after illegal immigrants, it’s just wanting to enforce our laws.


Ask these same folks whether they want to double the number of traffic cops on the street to catch speeders, after all, they’re just enforcing our laws. No harm in that, right?

Ask these same folks why we can’t increase the manpower at the IRS by 15,000 auditors. These auditors would merely enforce the laws already on the books. Right?

Why don’t we hire a few thousand moral police to question us on sexual habits? After all, most state’s sodomy laws (established laws that are already on the books that we should enforce, after all) don’t make exceptions for straight couples. What’s wrong with enforcing our laws?

What’s wrong with this – and why it makes you racist – is because the above circumstances of ‘enforcing the laws already on the books’ seem absurd to you, while doing it to brown people seems fine to you. There are hundreds of silly laws that either should be repealed (like sexual laws), or laws that we all agree should be there but would get upset if the police spent all their time on them (like speeding).

Racist activists have narrowed in on only one set of laws on nonviolent, noncriminal illegal aliens and said that THOSE are the laws that we need to make a priority. And the only reason they’ve done so is because brown people make them uncomfortable.

If they say that’s not true, ask them to submit to an audit. After all, you only want to enforce our laws.


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