Day 12: Wars, and Rumors of Wars #OccupiedAmerica #FakeCommanderInChief

In addition to Bannon saying that war with China is inevitable, National Security Advisor Flynn is now putting Iran “on notice”.

I give the odds of an armed conflict with China or Iran in the next four years at 8-2, if Trump stays in power.

A war with either power will result in at least the deaths of tens of thousands of servicemen that could be avoided. I believe the administration may push for an excuse for one as a way to unify the country and crack down on dissidents.

If that is the case, remember – true pro-military politics is avoiding war in the first place. I will never doubt your loyalty if you refuse to believe a war with Iran or China is in our interests (assuming you’re not outright helping the Chinese or Iranians, obviously). Peace is patriotic.

If, and when, war erupts – do not put down the signs. Don’t cave to populist pressure to rally around the chief. It’s all just a smoke screen to manipulate you and consolidate power by people who’ve studied just these sorts of tactics. Sorry, not smoke screen – given all the blood our servicemembers will spill (both because these are dangerous adversaries and because Trump has no military strategy skills to speak of) it will be a screen of blood.

Caskets will come streaming back to the states, and #FakePresident will stand at each one demanding we unite behind him. But it’s his war, and those soldiers and sailors blood are on his hands.




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