Ten Reasons Why Republican Electors Should Vote Their Conscience

If I had any inkling that an Elector would actually read this, I’d provide sources. Until then, I’ll just get some things off my chest.

  1. Donald Trump hasn’t provided enough evidence he isn’t under foreign influence. He’s more likely to be a foreign Puppet than any other President in history.
  2. Donald Trump has not divested his holdings enough to abide by the emoluments clause of the Constitution. He’s liable to abuse his office and will be prone to blackmail.
  3. Since winning, Donald Trump has not shown he has the mental capacity to lead the country. He’s skipped intelligence briefings, set departments against each other, and for the most part disinterested in governing.
  4. Donald Trump has time and time again demonstrated himself as a demagogue. He’s used twitter to troll regular citizens, and launches campaigns of misinformation to shroud his business dealings.
  5. The role of the Electoral college – as envisioned by the founders – was to stop people precisely like Donald Trump. Those under foreign influence, prone to be bribed or blackmailed, those mentally incapable or who demonstrate demagoguery – all this is in either the Constitution or Federalist papers.
  6. The Nation didn’t choose Donald Trump. That means Republicans are more likely to alienate their voters by backing him. The nation actually voted for the establishment. Had Kasich, Romney or virtually any mainstream Republican run, they would have easily won the popular vote and electoral college. Mainstream Republicans have the people’s support.
  7. Donald Trump has never shown any loyalty to the Republican Party during the election, constantly willing to throw Republican leaders under the bus when it suits him. He’ll do it again to distract us from some controversy or another and break loyalty precisely when he believes it most benefits him personally. He will veto more than Obama because he knows Republicans and Democrats won’t work together.
  8. Donald Trump is threatening Electors who don’t back him, illustrating how he plans to govern through vindictiveness and force. He will continue to threaten yet only grow in power if formally elected. He’s shown he’s willing to go after individuals who speak truth to him, whether Republicans or Democrats. He can’t be allowed to gain more power.
  9. Donald Trump has put very few experienced politicians in his cabinet, indicating he sees his role as primarily providing favors for loyalty and punishing dissent. This will continue, as any decision he makes he will twist into a way to demand loyalty and earn personal favors. All the while, it will weaken our ability to respond to emergencies both at home and abroad as lackeys fill up the government.
  10. A compromise candidate like Kasich would have a bipartisan mandate and would be loyal to the Republican Party, unlike Trump. Although, frankly, nothing would piss Trump off more than giving it to Romney at this point in time.

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