Russian Interference Is As Big (and Bad) as 9/11

Politico with the deets.

To say this is the cyber “Pearl Harbor” if the evidence holds up is not at all an understatement. You are depressed and confused right now because you may be living in one of the most consequential times in the country’s history.

What we can do to respond will evolve in time. I don’t really know of any action anyone can take at this point, though I’m sure I’m missing something.

  • What you can do is contact your senators and applaud them (if they’re on the right side of history here) for their bipartisan inquiry into Russian meddling in our presidency.
  • You can try and find your electors and remind them of their constitutional duty to prevent foreign influence in the White House.
  • You can support your non-profits that are taking the fight to the courts, including the ACLU and EFF.
  • You can find your Trump supporter friends and make them feel heard. Hear them out. Listen. They’re just really, really fucking angry. And they don’t want to be where they are – they’re just as confused and scared as you, and cling to denial as the only means of saving face. If they feel accepted and welcomed, many will happily rejoin the moral high ground. Blame casting is not going to be as effective as coalition building. 

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