It’s Official: We May be a Puppet State because Trump Supporters got Duped

The CIA has come out with the most concluding tone to date on what it thinks Russia’s aims were and how much influence they had.

Let’s assume for a second there was no vote machine hacking, even though at least in two states, hacking was seen in voter rolls.

How, then, did Russia assist The Don to the Whitehouse?

Well, they hacked both the DNC and RNC. And then released emails only damaging the DNC. How did this dupe Trump supporters?

There was no greater treasure trove of much ado about nothing for fake news to froth over than these leaked emails. To be clear – the DNC’s own not-so-transparent primary process didn’t have great optics. But beyond that nothing else of note was found in those emails. Wikileaks had only one good leak this whole election, the DNC primary, so Fake News had to take over and convince us all HRC was a pedophile pizza lover.

Again, to be clear, because so many people haven’t really woken up to what they’ve done (install a Russian puppet because they internet told them to) – FAKE NEWS used WIKILEAKS to CONVINCE YOU to vote for a RUSSIAN PUPPET.

How do I know this? Because I read the goddamn emails myself. Every single one that came across Facebook claiming Hillary did this or that – I didn’t just forward for Heir Putin like an idiot. I read them. And after reading the email, I realized “boy, this email they cited seems to have nothing to do with their claims.”

And I had to do that dozens of times. Why? Because this election mattered. But many Trump supporters decided they didn’t need to think about things “too hard” and opened the gates for the goddamned Russians.

And who’s claiming this? The Liberal Lame Stream media? George Soros? Obama mafia cronies? No. It’s the CI-fucking-A. So, just so if you’re not following along – if you voted Trump and still don’t think you made a mistake (and please, come one, we’ve all made mistakes. So there’s no shame in admitting this. And hey, I didn’t much like HRC either, so I get it.) then you have to live in a world where you think the CIA is a politically captured entity that is for “some reason” trying to tarnish the great brand Trump (even though he’s done a great job himself).

Occam’s razor says whatever theory of the world that requires you to do the least number of mental gymnastics is probably correct. So I’m going to go live in a world where the CIA is correct on things like “Russia”. More correct, at least, than a demagogue who inherited his wealth.


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