Trump is still Stoppable, Here’s How

Go here. 

Contact your electors and ask them to use their constitutional right and respect their constitutional duty to elect a President who’s not a demagogue and is not under foreign influence.

If you voted Clinton, a moderate Republican is better than Trump.

If you voted Trump, and you were a mere “#NeverClinton” voter, this is your chance to truly act on your conscience.

If you voted for Trump, and genuinely liked what his vision was for the country, perhaps his waffling on the wall, trade, and ‘draining the swamp’ has convinced you he’s not in your corner.

If you voted from Trump to “keep things interesting” – what could be more interesting than an electoral college overturning an election? #Keep2016Awful

If you voted for Trump, and still don’t regret that decision, keep in mind he’s on track to be impeached his first year due to the emoluments clause in the Constitution. His campaign has still as yet unexplained collaborations with high-ranking Russians. And his chief strategist is a white supremacist.


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