In the Age of Trumpism, We Must Not Turn Against One Another 

Intrigue with the cabinet, with the recount, with the Russians. However, some authors still feel the need to attack someone other than Trump


It’s important we not do this. Those who stand against Trumpism must do it united. While various HRC fans may have not liked Jill Stein during the election, they’re all in the same boat now. Rather than (this again? I mean really. How often must these same personalities be called out on the same disengaging flaw?) smug dismissal and condescention it’d be better of we saved all our energy for Trump. 

This is important for two reasons. 

One, despite the political slogans, if you didn’t vote Trump, you didn’t vote Trump. We’re all in natural agreement on the risks he represents. Moreover, even if you did vote Trump, this blame game is not going to make it easy for people to recognize their mistakes. Maybe they just wanted a protest vote and didn’t think he’d win? If they’re against him now, or turn against him in the future, we can’t afford to turn people away because of some sense they weren’t the true opposition. 

A recount to rule out Russian interference in Wisconsin does not distract from his awful cabinet picks. A look into his alt right leanings doesn’t distract from his business conflicts of interest. These are all lines of argumentative attack and more than enough interested parties to pursue them. 

Two, this is precisely how Trump works. He loves distraction and setting parties against each other. If someone’s too close to some important criticism like his business ties, he stirs up something racist to say. This makes it seem like we need to focus but that’s precisely what he wants. 

When we disagree on whether or not the racism or business ties are more important that’s when he gets away with both. The never Trump movement has enough energy to walk and chew gum at the same time. We need less division between ourselves and more union that we’re all against Trump. 

The more soul searching we do and arguing over scholastic minutia more at home in an ecumenical conference, the more we’re truly distracted. 

Bring on the recount. Bring on the electoral college faithless electors. Bring on the investigations into his sex crimes and unethical business ties. Bring on the emoulement clause. Bring on impeachment. We don’t need to agree on precisely why we dislike him: whether he or his followers are more racist or sexist doesn’t actually make us stronger. It draws unnecessary boundaries between us – boundaries he’s happy to take advantage of. 


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