The Chances this Election was Hacked are Low. But they are not Non-Zero.

In fact, they are higher this year than they really ever have been – given that we’ve seen hacking of a major political party, obvious attempts to sway the outcome, a candidate who might just be a puppet as well as known probes from someone of various election systems and databases on the day (although it can’t be confirmed it was Russia in the later case).

Still, I’m seeing a counter argument out there that all of this is over nothing, and we should all just calm down, the authorities are in charge, and it probably wasn’t hacking anyway.

The problem with this is that these same statisticians systematically mispredicted the election. Their polls were wrong, their predictions were wrong, and not just once – multiple times.

In all likelihood, they’re still right here (let’s face it, their due) but that doesn’t mean an audit isn’t warranted. With such close percentages in the states where the audits need to take place, it’s not so much the chances of something happening that make it a risk, but the consequences. If someone hacked a few machines in California, nothing really changes. If someone hacked a few machines in Wisconsin, we could have a completely different leader of the free world.

This also goes against something that I’m going to try and keep up the energy to continue to fight for – this isn’t normal, Trump is not normal. This “guys calm down everything is fine” response has to stop. Things are not fine, and we really need to withhold judgment before we smugly proclaim everything is just fine. That sort of complacency, to an extent, is exactly why we’re in this mess. An audit just allows us to learn more and verify – nothing more.

By the way, if you want to support the audit, go here.


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