Why to Fear Trump’s Odd Cabinet

As if the people themselves weren’t something to fear enough – Steve Bannon is the CEO of Breitbart, a “news” organization that usually reports on things no other organization reports on, primarily due to lack of facts or ethics. He is Trump’s chief strategist and heads up the Alt-Right, a hodge-podge group of white nationalists, misogynists, and other malcontents.

And Reince Priebus, the oddly named head of the RNC chairman, has been named Chief of  Staff, or the second most powerful person in Washington.

So you have the leaders of the Alt-Right and the establishment Right both in positions of power. Why?

So they can go at each other’s throats for the next 4 years.

These guys hate each other, and while they may see the potential to compromise in these appointments, I doubt that will last 6 months. They also represent very different power poles – one having connections in smoke-filled back rooms of the establishment infrastructure which Trump now demonically possesses, while the other runs a media empire that can rally the numerous poor rubes who – God bless them – seem to think Obama is a Muslim.

That means that not only will they argue, they’ll each have different weapons to sling at each other. Why would Trump do this?

I think these appointments, and how Trump ran his campaign, is a clue to his overall strategy. He makes progress so long as everyone else is attacking each other. Just as Saddam Hussein set the Shi’ites and Sunnis after each other, Trump is planning to set the far right against the establishment.

He’s already done this to win the Primaries, forcing the establishment to toe a line they never thought they’d toe and now giving them a taste of political power in this new administration. And he intentionally gave a voice to the voiceless, again, to set them against whoever he saw fit.

If we were to see more of this strategy in action, we’re going to see a strangely schizophrenic Trump, one that seems to take the side of whoever appears to be losing, all to keep his fragile ecosystem in order where no one faction has the power to take him down.

Think about it – with the RNC placated, talk of electoral shenanigans and impeachment just went out the window. With his words on the Clintons and Obamas, he’s already begun placating the left (albeit, unsuccessfully). Whereas Clinton used her secrecy to extract favors from others – allowing the media early access to an otherwise very untransparent campaign in exchange for good press – Trump is doing the same except for power. He knows he has the cards right now and will extract favors in turn from the Clintons and Obamas in exchange for promises of future influence.

It’s a strategy commonly used by Dictators, and it will “trickle down” to everyone else – promising 4 more years of divisiveness at the hand of a man who’s sole goal is to keep us all attacking each other so we don’t notice him.

This is how he slid out of all accusations of rape, misogyny, racism and others – by setting the alt-right and eventually establishment right against the Democrats. Deflect any ill attention from him towards two rivals.

Make no mistake about it – this will mean deals with the Democrats, with the Alt-Right, with the far left Progressives. It will seem like Trump is constantly above the fray, however, somehow still in the middle of it. And that’s because he’s the one creating the fray in the first place.



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