Trump Can Still Be Stopped


  1. The Republican Party chooses another candidate – having broad appeal would probably alleviate some blowback. Let’s say they chose Mitt Romney
  2. The Republican Party then asks at least 10 of its electors to go “faithless” and vote for Mitt Romney
  3. This removes Trump’s 270 electors and sends the election to the house
  4. In the House, they chose between the top three candidates by electoral votes – Trump, Clinton, and Romney. They chose Romney.
  5. Romney becomes President.

Why would the Republican Party do this?

  • Because this election was not theirs to win but Clinton’s to lose and she lost it. Trump is not someone who can deliver another election.
  • Historically, populism tends to die out anyway.
  • Trump will almost certainly be dogged by scandal his entire term if he’s not outright impeached. This is bad for the Republican brand.
  • A lot of traditional Republicans have either abandoned the party or simply refused to vote in this last election because they don’t identify with Trump’s character or his policies.
  • There is a non-zero chance Trump is a Russian Plant
  • Many votes that were for Trump were votes against Hillary Clinton.
  • A compromise President with perhaps Tea Party cabinet members would be more popular in the long run.
  • He lost the popular vote – he has no mandate anyway.
  • He can’t and won’t fundraise.
  • He’s willing to throw his party colleagues under the bus when it suits him.
  • The population is only getting younger – millennial conservatives hate Trump and he could do damage for years to come.
  • Trump is dangerous for America and everyone knows it.
  • A Romney President would still pursue tax reform, Obamacare repeal, and reform and hit every other Republican platform position and be far more of a team player with House and Senate Republicans.
  • This is exactly what the Founders intended the Electoral College to be for

I’d anticipate it might be rough, but it would most likely leave the Republicans stronger by the midterms versus a disastrous two years with Trump.

This whole election, the Republican Party has tried in vain to figure out what to do about Trump. They’ve recognized his danger to the country and danger to the party, but could never mount a successful defense.  However, now folks like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel have Trump exactly where they want him. They have all the power and Trump does not even realize it.



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