Why You Should Vote Johnson

For many people, any other candidate is a wasted vote.

“What’s the point of voting Johnson? His chances of winning are slim to none. He takes away votes from MY LESSER OF TWO EVILS candidate.”

Because he’s polling at around 8%, and if he does this well in the general election, the Libertarian Party will get federal funding and automatic entry on all 50 state ballots next election.

To start an actual alternative to the two party system takes incremental changes. Johnson and Weld really wanted to be in the debates this year because they know that simply showing up to the debates can get you another 10% in popular polls.

They failed to do that – but there’s another goal they’re going to get if everyone who wanted Johnson voted for him. If they secure 5% of the popular vote, they get millions in federal funding the other party’s get every year, and they get on all 50 state ballots without having to organize massive signature campaigns to do so. They’ll be even more of a thorn in the side of INSERT YOUR LEAST FAVORITE POLITICAL PARTY HERE.

Why is any other candidate a wasted vote?

Because Johnson only has to get 5% of the total popular vote to get funding. No electoral college, no games, no weird rules. It’s a 5% threshold of the votes across the nation. He’s already polling in the high teens across the midwest, so this is very likely – assuming people who like Johnson get out and vote for him.

Anyone who lives in a non-swing state, pretty much no matter who you vote for is a thrown away vote. Vote for the winner? Great job, your candidate didn’t need you. Vote for the loser? Great job, you didn’t change the election. Vote for Johnson? That helped him get one more vote towards the 5% he needs nationwide!

Even among some swing states – unless the two parties are polling within 5% of each other, a vote for Johnson is still a more valuable vote.

We need a new centrist party. If we get the 5% this election, we most likely get into the debates in 2020. If we get into the debates in 2020, we most likely start getting congresspeople elected by 2024. If we start getting congresspeople elected – people to push to carry out electoral reform that benefits the two party system, end rigged gerrymandering that keeps politicians in office whether or not they truly represent their district and the like – we may have a Libertarian President by 2028.

Libertarians are the party of millennials. We want change, and we don’t want what the old GOP is selling for sure. There may, in fact, be similar reform from the Democrats given how well Bernie did. Libertarians are only going to get more numerous as more boomers die and stop voting for racists.

So Vote Johnson and get in on the ground floor of tackling the partisan bickering that has left this country with the two most unfavorably viewed politicians in a generation.


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