Absolutely Do Not Forget that Trump Is The Most Dangerous Candidate In Recent History

I don’t know why I’m having to write this. The election isn’t even over yet, and yet liberal pundits are already using hyperbole to argue while Trump may be bad, their pet conservative arch rival is worse.

This happened before, and while it’s not alone to blame for the rise of Trump, the constant partisan bickering (from both sides, after all, there are still conservatives convinced that Hillary Clinton is the worst presidential nominee ever) has lead to a ‘crying wolf’ effect such that when you say – no really, this guy is a misogynistic, bigoted tyrant, the other side is prone to say “Well, so is your candidate”.

But this time was different. Trump actually was a misogynistic, bigoted tyrant. And already, liberal pundits are looking to paint the next candidate as bad as worse, which only makes the minefield that is political dialogue lately worse.

There are many reasons not to like Mike Pense. But being worse than Trump is not one of them. Keep your head on straight, and stop using vitriolic language without cause, because it leads to nothing but the cynical electorate we have today.

Some on the left might argue that being against women’s choice is a defacto admission of misogyny. Some on the right would disagree. You know what no one disagrees on? That “grabbing them by the pussy” is misogynistic. No one’s defending that. That’s not political. That’s pure sexual assault and objectification. How about we start with that as common ground, rather than build these elaborate arguments on how your candidates vote on my favorite issue makes them worst than a rapist?

Why don’t at least some conservatives trust the media on Trump? Becuase they have heard it all before. They’re used to it. They’re used to some pundits blowing things out of proportion and saying that, no, this time, this really is the worst candidate ever.

But the fact is Trump really and most truly has been the worst candidate in recent history, possibly all history, of the United States. He will not be soon eclipsed. And anyone telling you otherwise is just adding to the partisan cacophony that allowed a charlatan like Trump to get as far as he did and threaten our democracy.


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