Why I’m Still on the Fence about Hillary

We have a choice in this election between a madman who wants to use the doomsday device and the woman who more or less built it.

When people point at HRC and say that she’s the system that people are rejecting, you can somewhat identify – she’s not very different from the type of professionalized politician we’ve grown accustomed to.

But she really is the business-as-usual candidate, and there’s not that much wrong with that. The economy is growing, America is safe, and she’s the competent professional option.

Trump is a narcissistic, misogynistic, bigoted hot head. How is this a hard choice?

It’s a somewhat hard choice because of two reasons.

She Creates Demand For Him

One, it’s the professionalization (which is both a good and bad thing) of our elite class that’s more or less lead to a populist revolt and interest in folks like Trump. On the left, we had Occupy Wallstreet and on the right, we had the Tea Party. Populism rears its ugly head when we have a ruling elite that the people feel is too isolated from the problems that the people deal with.

More of the same means more and more backlash in the future. There seems to be no safe way to let off populist steam. HRC probably isn’t going to do much for that anger, and we’ll be back here again in four years, or if we’re lucky, eight, with an even angrier electorate and more bombastic candidates.

That’s one reason it’s hard to support HRC, because, in that way, she and Trump are linked. It’s voting for business-as-usual candidates (even when business is good!) that make a certain section of the population feel ignored. They may be unjustified. But they’re like a hornet’s nest. Just because the hornets have no right to sting you doesn’t mean they won’t. They’re hornets, after all. It’s what they do.

She Arms Him

The second reason – related to the first – is that Donald Trump is so incredibly dangerous because of politicians like HRC. George W Bush really accelerated the attack on various freedoms at home, but even though we’ve had many chances to rollback parts of the Patriot Act, close Guantanamo, and learn from the mistakes of Iraq… we haven’t. Business-as-usual candidates have built up the massive domestic spying infrastructure. This is precisely the same infrastructure that we don’t want to fall into Donald Trump’s tiny, sausage-like hands.

Donald Trump is dangerous because our professionalized elites have put in place policies, precedents, and programs that – if they fell into the wrong hands – are weapons to suppress peaceful domestic resistance. Things like those we learned about from Snowden. At every step, it was “trust us”. And sure enough, while there have been some abuses, overall I do believe we’re still a free people – under the professional leaders.

But these sorts of programs shouldn’t be questioned out of who’s in power now. I don’t think Obama or any of his colleagues want to read my emails. I do think Donald Trump does, though. And I think given that someone’s already built the doomsday device for him, it makes him that much more dangerous.

None of this is directly HRC’s fault. She’s just cut from the mold that I’ve grown to question. Even Obama, the quintessential new, young face, ended up just doing the same professionalized elitism we’ve grown accustomed to.

I guess it all comes down to this: I don’t want Trump to win, and I don’t want anyone like him to win in the future. But a candidate like Hillary, in my mind, almost guarantees that we’ll elect a Trump eventually, and every passing year seems to grant that future Trump more and more domestic power.



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