Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single Person, Alive, Dead or Fictional: How the DNC is attempting to destroy Johnson like they did with Bernie Sanders

At the rate the narrative is morphing, I figure that headline is what we’ll see by, say, 3PM today.

You see, the third party Libertarian Candidate was asked: “Who’s your favorite living foreign leader?

Given that there is not large support for Libertarians outside of the US, this makes things actually a little tricky. What’s the most libertarian country other than the US?

That this deceptively tricky question is what you heard after an hour-long interview with a hostile Chris Matthews jives completely with what’s happening now – it was a character assassination to manipulate young voters into being too embarrassed to support Johnson.

Let’s take this apart one step at a time:

  1. Chris Matthews, a strong Clinton supporter, grilled Johnson and Weld for over an hour. He was aggressive and hostile the whole time, looking specifically to trip up Johnson.
  2. The one slip up Johnson had is the only thing you heard about, and the only thing other Clinton supporting personalities are talking about.
  3. The question itself has morphed from “Who’s your favorite living foreign leader?” It was originally asked as the favorite foreign leader, but when Weld suggested Thatcher, Matthews revised his statement to only include living leaders.
  4. The question, as some political opinion outlets are now reporting is “Johnson can’t name single foreign diplomat”

Should Johnson be able to name his favorite foreign leader? I don’t know, maybe. Again, he’s running as a non-interventionist in a party that doesn’t really have an analog outside the US. Who’s he supposed to say? But sure, maybe.

Can Johnson name a single foreign diplomat? We don’t know, that’s not the question that was asked.

Is all this just trying to manipulate you? Again, I can’t point to some smoking gun here, but given the four points above, I think there’s good evidence that’s true. And again, given what we know from the DNC emails leak, this kind of coordination was par for the course with Bernie Sanders.

I guess my main complaint here is that the DNC still just isn’t taking this election very seriously. We could very much be in real trouble if Trump wins. I’m no fan of Clinton, but unlike Johnson, I wouldn’t let the gun go off if it were to my head and I had to choose. That being said, the DNC’s attempt to condescend third party supporters back into line is just going to drive us further away.

know Johnson has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning this election. I’m considering voting for him for where it might leave the center right in 2020, or even 2024. So if anything, the DNC should have a lot of interest in reaching out to me and folks like me – not scolding me and folks like me like children.

Millenials are the largest generation alive right now, and they’re a sleeping giant. The only reason Sanders didn’t win this time around was due to the Millenials not realizing how powerful they are yet. Change is coming. Business won’t be done, as usual, if not this election, then the next one, or the next one. Anyone can see this. So please don’t claim that we’re not the pragmatic ones – we see the writing on the wall, we’re the ones being realistic. That’s why the DNC argument that Clinton’s the only ‘real’ candidate falls so flat – we’re a generation raised on bullshit, and it doesn’t work on us anymore. We’re somehow the most cynical idealists you’re going to run across.

Listen to us at your benefit. Condescend us at your peril.


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