Rooftop Solar is Not the Future

Good news and bad news for rooftop solar enthusiasts.

The basic principles in play here are economies of scale. For anything you can put on your roof at a certain wattage, I can usually purchase ten times as much and get a volume discount. Utility grade solar is almost certainly going to make up the lion’s share of the solar revolution.

I’d anticipate that rooftop solar will still have a niche, just not in providing solar power to most of the country.


One thought on “Rooftop Solar is Not the Future

  1. I don’t get the argument. I buy rooftop solar systems for my individual use. Why would I need ten times as much? If battery systems were superior and I could bank all the 900% extra I bought sure but then I would have spent a bunch on batteries. Rooftop solar is as much about a degree of control, no different than changing your own oil. It’s also about being independent of the grid.


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