Oppressed Minorities need Guns Most of All

From the role guns played during the civil rights movement to the role they play today in the LGBTQ community – guns, as a means of self-defense, and the argument for the second amendment applies most strongly to the oppressed minority.

These groups tend to be hit by a trifecta of issues that are mitigated when they exercise their second amendment rights:

For the first and second points, access to guns provides protection, while on the third point bigoted police can be forced to be held accountable.

Let me be clear on the third point – I do not condone blanket violence against any police officer here, and neither, do I think, most second amendment advocates. The great majority of peace officers in this country are law-abiding folks who are drawn by a sense of duty to serve and protect all citizens. It’s really only the ‘few bad apples’ that I think you see in stories like Fred Hampton.

It’s with this context in mind that I see a story like Khalid Jabara. Now, a lot of information is missing here, and not all the facts are in. But in terms of a story that has the potential to be yet another unprotected minority, in this case, Arab Americans, harassed by a bigot and ultimately harmed and killed – well, as I have shown above, that’s something we’ve struggled with for awhile. The police appear to have failed Khalid – whether willfully or in the ‘banal evil’ of bureaucracy.

The case reminds me of something similar in my own life when my Aunt was being harassed by her ex-husband. She had restraining orders and all other means of the law to protect her. That did not stop her from needing a dog, an alarm system, and yes, a gun in a child-proof safe nearby. Many gun control advocates have, I believe rightly so, advocated that domestic abusers should be flagged or banned from purchasing firearms. That may have helped her in this situation, although his father – who was not under any investigation at all – was equally armed and agitated.

Suffice it to say that Arab Americans, Blacks, LGBTQ, single mothers with abusive ex-partners and others seem to benefit the most from their guaranteed second amendment protections.


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