It’s not Trump I’m afraid of, it’s Ted Cruz

A few months ago, when Trump was still the assumed loser in the RNC primaries, at least a few liberals I conversed with were comparing Ted Cruz to Hitler, and saying that he’s the one they feared. This was partly due to the fact they assumed Ted Cruz would win, and they were dusting off their playbooks that advocated “Compare the Republican Candidate to Hitler”.

Only now, it’s hard to say “No, for real, this time, this guy is actually kind of like Hitler.” It’s just everyone’s heard it before.

Dangerously ignorant about policy and incurious about the world? That was the line on George W. Bush 16 years ago. Radical, unacceptable views about women? Said of any number of Republicans. Overrated business career? Just ask Mitt Romney about that one… A temperament unsuited for the Oval Office? Somesaid the same thing about John McCain. Fascism? MoveOn likened Bush to Adolph Hitler in 2004. Extreme positions? “He’s the most conservative nominee that they’ve had going back to Goldwater,” top Obama aide David Plouffe said of Romney in 2012.

The Democrats who cried Wolf, The Atlantic

Combined with my feeling that sometimes HRC seems to be sleepwalking to the White House, self-assured that Trump isn’t a real threat, is the fact that no one seems to be able to differentiate the claims that he’s actually dangerous from all the other similar claims about every other Republican candidate in recent memory.

In other words, my concern is that the leading alternative doesn’t seem to treat Trump as the evil that should be defeated – she’s looking at him like all of his past competitors did, the inevitable loser. And those who do see Trump for his potential can’t seem to convince everyone else: No, for real, this time, this guy is actually kind of like Hitler.



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