Hillary Clinton is a Conspiracy Theorist Crank who thinks Aliens are Active On Earth

Like the title? I’m paying homage to Boing Boing, who said something similar about Jill Stein and Wi-Fi. Read to the end if you want the payoff.

The quotes about Jill Stein are taken from a talk she gave on technology and education.

In the talk, she discusses the issues she has with too much screen time being less helpful than socially interactive time with teachers or other students. Then she says something silly about Wi-Fi, though it’s hard to tell if she’s criticizing Wi-fi in general or specifically health concerns.

Wi-fi is not ‘ionizing’ radiation like an X-Ray or UV light from the sun. Thus, we’re reasonably confident it’s no more dangerous than the radio waves that transmit TV over the air. So Jill Stein is wrong here to be too worried about health effects.

However, my main concern is that only a few days after a lot of the online popular media such as Boing Boing and Gizmodo seemed to coordinate a hit piece on Jill Stein regarding her views on vaccination – which were wrong, by the way. Jill Stein, a medical doctor, is very much in favor of vaccination. Only a few days after this attack, we see another attack trying to add to the narrative that Jill Stein is anti-science, while Hillary Clinton is squarely pro-science.

I have nothing but some circumstantial evidence here; so put your speculation alert hats on.

These attacks seem to squarely come from media that millennials consume heavily, including social media. Moreover, they seem coordinated – all the media outlets seem to jump on the bandwagon all at once, on the same day. Yet, Stein’s quote on vaccines is from Reddit from months ago, while her quotes on Wi-Fi are also from a few months ago. This is hardly breaking, but here we are, a few days after the DNC wraps up, finding media that millennials consume attacking the presumed BernieOrBust protest candidate. Keep in mind, this is from the DNC, who’s already been caught red handed attempting to plant stories about Sander’s possible atheist leanings in the same kind of media.

To use a somewhat famous phrase that speculates about Trump, “If the media were colluding with HRC to dismiss the remaining anti-Hillary protest vote, would it look any different?”

And to question further, if you already know an organization is willing to commit character assassination, and various media outlets are willing to help them do it, do you need a smoking gun to believe they’re up to their old tricks again on a new enemy?

And yes, despite her being so “pro-science” HRC seems oddly fascinated with the idea that aliens and UFOs may be active on this planet.


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