It’s not immoral to dislike Trump and Clinton right now

A great article summing up some of my thoughts.

There’s an argument we’re morally obligated to vote for Clinton in this November. Basically, it claims that we should do whatever we can to stop a potential tyrant from obtaining power, in this case, the action we can take is to vote for his most powerful rival.

While I think this argument is flawed, for reasons I’ll probably explain later, I also think it ignores a larger moral criticism. Given the threat of potential tyranny to this country that Trump represents, isn’t it a moral requirement that Clinton and the larger DNC do everything in their power to win this election? After all, she’s the most powerful rival. It appears to be her responsibility to defeat him.

Yet I just don’t feel like the DNC is, frankly, taking this election very seriously. The emails show that they seemed to see Sanders and his supporters as a potential annoyance on the way to their inevitable victory. They’re lack of organization, of the ability to unite the party, and Clinton’s tone deafness on how divisive she continues to be astounds me.

Having Elizabeth Warren or even Sanders on the ticket could have been an overture to the disaffected liberal wing of the party. Feeding off of the Sander’s delegates anger rather than trying to fight it as something different – OWNING the anger they feel that they’re getting a raw deal rather than dismissing it could unite the party. It’s not Bernie Sander’s responsibility to unite the party. Clinton won, she won arguing she’d be a better leader, but all I feel so far is that the DNC is blaming Sanders and his supporters for their problems rather than taking responsibility.

They’re not taking Sander’s problems seriously, they’re not taking Trump seriously, they’re dishing out special appointments for large donors, and it’s just every day politics as usual. Clinton doesn’t appear to be rising to the challenge of Trump, even though I believe it’s her moral responsibility to do so. At no time have I ever gotten the sense that she doesn’t feel entirely entitled to this position.

This is what concerns me. It’s not my minuscule effect on the election, it’s not my supposed duty to avoid voting my conscience and give Clinton a pass on attempting to appeal to a disaffected former centrist republican – it’s Clinton herself and her campaign that will be responsible if she fails to keep Trump out of the White House. And it’s her camp already blaming Sanders, the Libertarians, the Greens, and everyone but themselves for their own lack of engagement from people outside the Democratic establishment that scares me. They’re already attempting to explain why they didn’t win – when they must win.


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